2020 Pilkada, East Java City Government Prepares 14 Tps In Lapas

2020 Pilkada, East Java City Government Prepares 14 TPS in Lapas

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SURABAYA - The East Java (Jatim) General Election Commission (KPU) has prepared 14 special polling stations (TPS) for correctional institutions (prisons) in 11 districts / cities for the 2020 Pilkada .

East Java KPU chairman Choirul Anam said regency / city KPU had already registered voters in prison. As a result, 3,528 people met the requirements, consisting of 3,411 male voters and 117 female voters.

"To facilitate the voting rights of prison residents, 14 TPS were formed," he said, Sunday (18/10/2020).

A number of prisons are scattered in several areas, including Ponorogo, Jember, Situbondo, Ngawi, Tuban, Lamongan, Gresik, Sumenep, and the City of Pasuruan, one TPS each. Then in Banyuwangi two TPS and Sidoarjo three TPS.

Anam said there were a number of prisons that were not facilitated by special polling stations because they did not meet the requirements based on the number of voters. Some of these prisons are Pacitan, Trenggalek, Blitar City, Surabaya Class I Prison in Medaeng Sidoarjo, and Class III Arjasa Sumenep Prison.

"Regency / city KPU will facilitate the regular TPS around the prison," he said.

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Meanwhile, of the 19 districts / cities that held the 2020 Pilkada Srentak, the total number of registered DPT was 18,615,191 people. Each of them was 9,186,198 male voters and 9,428,993 female voters. The DPT is spread over 48,607 polling stations in 4,789 villages / wards and 386 sub-districts.

"Henceforth, the DPT will be announced at the village / kelurahan hall and used as the basis for logistics procurement and the implementation of voting and vote counting on December 9, 2020," he said.


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