4 Days After Polio Immunization, Babies In Polman Died

4 Days After Polio Immunization, Babies in Polman Died

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Polman - Al Fatah, a three-month-old baby, the first child of a Sultan and Rosmiati couple from Patampanua Village, Matakali District, Polman, West Sulawesi, died after Polio immunization.

The tiny baby underwent Polio immunization on Thursday June 25 at the Matakali Health Center, in a healthy baby's condition. After being injected with the Polio vaccine, the condition of the tiny baby changed, presumably due to the continuous injection of blood.

After the blood stopped dripping, the little baby had a fever and cried all the time until her voice disappeared. The baby is then taken by his family to the hospital in a state of shortness of breath. After being treated, the little baby died, Monday, June 29, 2020.

Beautiful, the little baby aunt confirmed, her niece died after immunization against polio . Because, after being injected with the vaccine, there is bleeding in the baby's arm and causes fever. Initially, the family thought it was just a common cold that occurs in infants after being vaccinated.

"However, not long after Al Fatah continued to cry and convulsions. We felt very devastated by this incident," said Indah, Tuesday (06/30/2020).

Indah also revealed that there were allegedly unusual service procedures performed by the Matakali Community Health Center when immunizing Polio Al Fatah. Because, before the little baby was injected with the vaccine, the puskesmas did not weigh the baby's weight.

"Only asked how much it weighed. After being injected by the officer, no one gave any explanation. Later we asked, if it was finished, then there was an answer that it was finished," said Indah.

The head of the Matakali Community Health Center, Ahmad, denied the cause of the baby died due to the injection of polio vaccine. He argued, the baby died of Bronchopenumonia's disease.

Bronchopenumonia is a type of respiratory infection that often attacks children.

"I just got word from the hospital that the baby died not because of immunization, the last diagnosis was B. ronchopneumonia ," Ahmad said.

"Normally, if the BCG has been vaccinated, it is recommended not to be disturbed by the injection until an abscess occurs. Now this is said to be soaked and caressed by the injection," Ahmad said.

Ahmad said the hospital, puskesmas and Polman Health Office would meet with the families of the victims to discuss this incident on Wednesday June 1 2020.

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