5 Foreign Shopee League 1 League 2020 Players Whose Actions Are Missed By Football Lovers

5 Foreign Shopee League 1 League 2020 players whose actions are missed by football lovers

Collage - 5 Players: Marko Simic, Wander Luiz, David da Silva, Elias Alderete, Bruno Silva

Jakarta - PSSI and PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB) agreed to continue the Shopee Liga 1 2020 competition. The decision received mixed responses from clubs, players and supporters.

Shopee Liga 1 2020 has been delayed since mid-March 2020. The delay was carried out to follow the direction of the Indonesian government regarding the status of Emergency Disasters for the corona virus pandemic.

At present, the corona virus pandemic has not ended in Indonesia. However, PSSI insisted on continuing the competition as early as September 2020.

That attitude was carried out by PSSI to save the image of Indonesia which will host the 2021 U-20 World Cup. Of course, this is good news for all Indonesian football lovers.

They have longed to see the action of his idol players on the field, including foreign players who have above-average quality and are often the mainstay for his club in winning.

So, who are the foreign players whose actions in Shopee Liga 1 2020 have been missed by the public? Here are five foreign players who were able to steal the attention and were missed by supporters of the Bola.com version.

Bruno Silva made an impressive appearance at Shopee Liga 1 2020. The Brazilian recorded two goals in the three matches he played.

That factor is what makes PSIS Semarang still hope in Bruno Silva. Supporters certainly look forward to Bruno Silva's actions on the pitch and goals to help PSIS win.

There are still 31 games to play PSIS. Most likely, Bruno Silva will increase his goal coffers in League 1 2020.

This season is the first edition for Elias Alderete in the Indonesian league. However, players from Argentina managed to adapt quickly to the style of Arema FC's game and the atmosphere of Indonesian football.

Elias Alderete immediately became Arema's new public idol. So far, his performance is quite slick with a score of one goal in three matches.

The 2020 season still leaves 31 more games for Arema. So that there will still be the best performances that will be given Elias Alderete.

It can't be denied, David da Silva is one of the few sharp foreign attackers in League 1. This season, David da Silva is still in the Persebaya uniform in Surabaya.

The Brazilian player managed to show his best performance on the field. However, only one goal has been scored by David da Silva in the two matches played this season.

The continuation of League 1 2020 certainly made the fans enthusiastic to watch David da Silva's performance. It is interesting to wait for David da Silva's goals in League 1 2020.

Status as the League 1's top scorer last season put great pressure on Marko Simic. However, so far Simic has been able to maintain its consistency on the field.

Simic has only scored one goal from the two games he played in League 1 2020. However, this season is still long and Persija has 32 games left to play.

Marko Simic is believed to still be a dangerous attacker in League 1. It is interesting to witness the career journey of The Croatian Sniper this season.

Persib Bandung attacker, Wander Luiz, was transformed into a new idol in Indonesian football. This happened thanks to the slick appearance of the Brazilian player.

In the first three league matches in 2020, Wander Luiz scored four goals for Persib. This achievement made Wander Luiz top of the League 1 top scorer.

The journey of the League 1 competition still leaves 31 matches left. It was interesting to watch the neat performances given by Wander Luiz.

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