6 Unique Facts About Animals That People Rarely Know About

6 Unique Facts About Animals that People rarely know about


Jakarta - Some lizards were able to walk on water and a few owls maintain a small snake as a pet a pet in their nests.

With the 8.7 million species that the world shares with us, it is impossible to know all the facts about each animal in detail.

As quoted from Brightside.me (2/8/2020), here are 6 facts about unique animals about animals that are rarely known to people - which might be a ice-breaker, when you and your friends start running out of topics.

1. Owls raise snakes

Eastern screech owls are known to catch small snakes and bring them back to their nests alive.

The reason, snakes eat insects and keep their baby owls safe. A study found that parents owls consciously do this to increase their baby's chances of survival.

2. Some lizards can walk on water

Basilisk is a species of lizard that can easily walk, and even run, on water. These are found in the rainforest and often use this ability to escape from predators.

In addition to acting as a natural camouflage, some insects are known to be confused by zebra fur, and thwart them by disturbing the four-legged mammal.

4. A newborn duck can imitate other animals

Ducks adopt the behavior of the first animals they see. This is known as "printing."

They do not recognize themselves as a species and mistook the first thing they saw as their parents. They can imitate humans too.

In the US alone, cats kill billions of animals in one year's time. They are responsible for the deaths of 1.4 - 73.7 billion birds and 6.9 - 20.7 billion mammals each year. Not only that, so far they have completely wiped out a total of 33 species from the world.

6. CHAPTER every day can be dangerous for the sloth

Sloths only defecate once a week and when they do, they lose 1/3 of their total body weight.

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