A Dream House For Grandparents Who Pray Eid Al Adha In High School Uniforms

A Dream House for Grandparents Who Pray Eid Al Adha in High School Uniforms

Grandfather who went viral because of Eid al-Adha prayers wearing high school uniforms and his wife (Fauzan / Liputan6.com)

Bone - The sad story of a grandfather in Bone Regency who prayed for Eid al-Adha wearing a high school uniform moved the hearts of many people. In just a week the donations collected reached more than Rp110 million.

The donation was raised directly by Andi Salsalbila, the girl who uploaded the video of the grandfather named Sakka on her Tiktok account until it went viral, starting on Saturday (1/8/2020). Salsabila said that the donation was sent to her mother's account and the donation site Kitabisa.com.

"In that account it is more than Rp. 70 million and in Kitabisa.com it is around Rp. 40 million," Andi Salsabila told Liputan6.com , Saturday (8/8/2020) evening.

Salsabila explained that all of the donations would later be used to build a rickety hut where Sakka lives with his wife and sister who are blind.

"We will use the money to rebuild Sakka's grandfather's house," said Andi Salsabila.

Salsabila has even coordinated with the government of Waetuo Hamlet, Arallae Village, Kahu District, Bone Regency, South Sulawesi. One of Andi Salsabila's family, who also happens to live in the village, will be responsible for building a viral grandfather's house because the Eid al-Adha prayer uses the high school uniform .

"Earlier the bricks were ordered. So later the family there will be responsible, cooperate with the local government.

Knowing that his house would be rebuilt, Sakka's grandfather and his wife and sister immediately cried with emotion. He never expected that he would get that much help in such a short time.

"His wife is very happy that she cried happily earlier. I personally thank all the donors who have helped Sakka's grandfather," concluded Salsabila.

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