A Viral Stroke Husband Kicked By A Wife In Lombok Finally Died

A Viral Stroke Husband Kicked by a Wife in Lombok Finally Died

Viral illustration (Edi Wahyono / detikcom)

The man with the initial H (60) who was in a viral video because he was kicked by his own wife finally died. H's body was visited at a puskesmas in East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara ( NTB ).

"That's right, so the person died, at 7:55 a.m. yesterday. But we have already done a post mortem at the North Aikmel Health Center, the examination results found no signs of violence on his body. Yes indeed his age is also old yes, already 60 years too," said Kasat Reskrim East Lombok Police Station, AKP Daniel Pantogi, when asked for confirmation on Thursday (07/09/2020).

He ensured that the residents of Lian Jaya Hamlet, North Aikmel Village, East Lombok, died of illness . This case was not continued to legal proceedings.

"Indeed, the person concerned also had a stroke , right. Already like that , if given a meal, he was never chewed, swallowed immediately," said AKP Daniel.

Earlier it was reported, a video of a wife abusing her husband in Lotim Viral. In the video, we see a woman bathing a man who squats using a hose. The woman was seen kicking the man's body and head.

Kasim Criminal Investigation Lotim AKP Daniel Pantogi said the incident in the video occurred on Thursday (2/7). Both are a married couple. The wife initials R (43) and the husband initials H (60).

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