About Bicycle Begal, Police: We Know The Pattern

About Bicycle Begal, Police: We Know the Pattern

Folding bike fan illustration. TEMPO / Tony Hartawan

Folding bike fan illustration. TEMPO / Tony Hartawan

, Jakarta - Head of South Jakarta Metro Police, Sr. Comr. Budi Sartono, said that the police had mapped out the patterns of action of bicycle robbers, which are now becoming more and more unsettling for the public. Finally, actor Anjasmara Prasetya was the victim of an attempted robbery while cycling in front of Atmajaya University, Sudirman, Central Jakarta on Monday morning.

"What is certain is that we have taken the pattern, we know the pattern. Later we will form two teams, one prevention and one action," said Budi, Thursday, October 22, 2020.

Even though he had formed a special team, Budi asked the public to remain vigilant when cycling. He reminded people to do two-wheeled sports activities by paying attention to time and avoiding vulnerable locations.

"The perpetrator commits a criminal act if the victim is a cyclist alone. So if possible together, at least the two of them so there is mutual guarding," said Budi.

Previously, the case of the cyclist who became a victim of robbery came back to the fore after actor Anjasmara became the victim. This was first reported by her daughter Amanda Annete on social media. In a video on Instagram, the film actor Si Cecep explains the chronology of what happened to him on Monday at 07.30.

"He was holding my clothes, why are people holding my clothes. Gosh, I think I want to take my cellphone, I just realized," Anjasmara said in the video.

Realizing that he was a victim of robbery, he then tried to hit the perpetrator who was on the motorbike with his left hand. But the action actually made him fall off the bike. As a result, he injured his left shoulder and had to be bandaged.

The police are currently looking for the perpetrator who conducted an attempted robbery against the husband of the artist Dian Nitami. Several CCTVs around the scene are also continuously checked and investigated.

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