Accelerate Covid Detection Starting With The Cengli Pcr Test Price

Accelerate Covid Detection Starting with the Cengli PCR Test Price

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, Jakarta - The high price of a swab test using the Polymerase Chain Reaction ( PCR ) method has made the handling of Covid-19 slow. The unregulated price of the PCR test, which is in the range of Rp. 2 million to Rp. 5 million, is accused of being a burden in detecting the spread of Covid in the country.

Griffith University epidemiologist Dicky Budiman urged the government to immediately intervene in the price of the PCR test. "The government must make this arrangement a priority because testing in Indonesia is still weak and it is too late," said Dicky to Tempo, Monday, September 14, 2020.

Currently, he said, the test capacity in Indonesia is below the standards of the World Health Organization, aka WHO, which suggests one per thousand population per week. Meanwhile, the average inspection capacity in the country is only around 19 thousand people. In fact, if measured from the population, it should be around 38.5 thousand people per day.

Based on data from the Committee for Handling Covid-19 and National Economic Recovery, the number of Corona detection tests in Indonesia has not met the standards of the World Health Organization aka WHO. Of the 8 priority provinces, only the regions that tested PCR according to WHO standards, namely DKI Jakarta.

"We continue to accelerate the PCR test, which is currently not up to standard, only Jakarta has passed the WHO standard, this is certainly very good. Therefore, yesterday the President asked the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Binsar Panjaitan and the Head of BNPB Doni Monardo to focus on seven other provinces for the test. The PCR is according to WHO standards, "said Erick Thohir, Chief Executive of the Committee for Handling Covid and National Economic Recovery ( PCPEN).

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