Alibi Likes Wawan Gunawan As The Same As Taking Away The Impregnated Teenager

Alibi likes Wawan Gunawan as the same as taking away the impregnated teenager

Polres Jakbar temukan remaja 14 tahun asal Cengkareng yang dibawa pria 41 tahun (dok Istimewa)
Photo: West Jakarta Police find a 14-year-old teenager from Cengkareng who was brought by a 41-year-old man (Special doc)

The escape of Wawan Gunawan (41) who took a 14-year-old teenager away in Cengkareng, West Jakarta finally stopped. The two of them were found at dawn yesterday, in Sukabumi.

Wawan took the victim and ran from his house in the Cengkareng area since last Wednesday (29/7). Wawan Gunawan is a neighbor of the victim's parents who had impregnated the victim and gave birth to a child.

On Wednesday last month, the victim initially left the house with the excuse that he wanted to buy a meal with his friend. Since then, the victim's parents have been unable to find their daughter. Finally, the family decided to report to the Cengkareng Police on July 30, 2020.

The perpetrator had brought the victim to several places to avoid being chased by the police.

"The victim and suspect W in the early hours of the morning were secured by members of the West Jakarta Police Satreskrim in Sukabumi, West Java," said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the West Jakarta Police, Kompol Teuku Arsya Khadafi in a statement to reporters, Friday (21/8/2020).

Arsya said Wawan promised to marry the victim so that the teenager would be seduced by the perpetrator. Not only that, the victim also sold his parents' motorbike before it was taken away by the perpetrator.

The victim's belongings were also sold by the perpetrator to support his life during the flight.

"The mode of the perpetrator is, first he gives attention, and is promised to marry so that the victim believes. The victim feels the perpetrator is paying attention," said Arsya.

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