Anies Asks The Death Of Saefullah Secretary To Be A Lesson For Dki Residents

Anies asks the death of Saefullah Secretary to be a lesson for DKI residents

Anies Baswedan

Jakarta DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan requested that the death of DKI Regional Secretary Saefullah be a lesson for all Jakarta residents to always comply with health protocols.

"I hope for all Jakarta people, make this a lesson, the condition (Jakarta) is indeed worrying in a real sense. I always underline, our message has never been added, never reduced. We convey it as it is. Covid is real, the risk is great. , and this is a clear example of the worst risk of being exposed to Covid, and those who are exposed are our own relatives, "said Anies at the Jakarta City Hall, Wednesday (9/16/2020).

Anies remembers Saefullah as a figure who continues to work to deal with Covid-19 in Jakarta. In fact, Saefullah is someone who always distributes supplements to everyone he meets.

"So far, he has also shown the work of a professional, especially when facing the Covid outbreak. For 24 hours we have worked together. In fact, he is most active in distributing supplements to colleagues. Anyone who meets the Secretary must have a story, distribute supplements to make him healthy," he said. .

Anies reminded that the case of the death of the DKI Regional Secretary and other deaths due to Covid-19 should not only be used as statistics.

"This is a human being. This is the husband of a wife, the father of a child. Today, DKI lost its best son, one of the Betawi sons who pursued a career from teacher to secretary," said Anies .

The body of DKI Jakarta Regional Secretary Saefullah was buried at the funeral site for family waqf, Jalan Sungai Kendal, RT 03 / RW 08, Rorotan Village, Cilincing, North Jakarta, Wednesday (16/9/2020) at around 16.00 WIB.

The body was buried a few meters from the funeral home under strict health protocols. Before heading to the burial place, the regional secretary's body was released and given the last respects at the DKI City Hall by Governor Anies Baswedan.

"The residents asked us the city government, so that he could be buried in the family's waqf grave while still observing health protocols," said the Mayor of North Jakarta, Sigit Wijatmoko, around the funeral home, as quoted by Antara .

According to the Mayor, the reason for the residents was that the late Saefullah had great concern for North Jakarta residents and even DKI Jakarta when he was a public official.

The North Jakarta City Government has coordinated with related technical agencies such as the Health Service and the Department of Parks and Cemeteries for the final monitoring of Saefullah's corpse.

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