Apple Watch Saves Police Stabbed Lives While Catching Criminals

Apple Watch Saves Police Stabbed Lives While Catching Criminals

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Jakarta - The existence of the Apple Watch has saved the lives of a number of people over the past few years.

Apple Watch usually saves people through its heart rate monitoring and ECG features.

Both of these features provide notifications to users regarding health problems that may arise.

Today, Apple Watch saves people in different ways.

Quoting Ubergizmo , Thursday (17/9/2020), Sgt Sosa from the Police Department was trying to catch a criminal, when he was stabbed during the arrest process.

During the struggle to catch the criminal, Sergeant Sosa's microphone is unplugged from the radio by the criminal to prevent him from contacting operator Gloria Wheeler.

Wheeler was unable to connect to Sergeant Sosa by radio either. He then tried to contact Sergeant Sosa.

Fortunately, because he is wearing the Apple Watch, Sgt. Sosa answers the call through the Apple smartwatch.

Sgt. Sosa then asked other officers to catch the fugitive.

Sgt Sosa also took this opportunity to ask the officers to send an ambulance to his location, after the fugitive stabbed his leg.

Wheeler receives an award for helping save Sergeant Sosa's life.

"The dispatcher saved my life and I can keep fighting. He's sending the resources I need out there," said Sgt. Sosa, thanking operator Gloria Wheeler.

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