Arab Countries Condemn Terrorists Who Cut Their Head Teachers In France

Arab countries condemn terrorists who cut their head teachers in France

French flag illustration (AFP / Ludovic Marin)

Paris - Arab countries convey their criticism of the terrorism attacks to teachers in France . History teacher Samuel Paty (47) was beheaded by terrorists for discussing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in his class.

At that time, Samuel Paty was teaching freedom of expression. He also allowed Muslim students to leave the classroom so as not to be offended.

Arab News reported on Sunday (18/10/2020), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia expressed solidarotas to the French people and condolences to the families of the victims.

The leader of the World Muslim League, Sheikh Muhamad Abdul Karim Al-Issa called on to fight against the extremist ideology that caused the crime. He also supports leaders in France to fight against parties that disturb stability and security.

The Saudi Foreign Ministry says their country rejects all forms of violence, extremism and terrorism. They also asked to respect religious symbols.

Al-Azhar in Egypt conveyed the same thing and said the beheading of teachers in France was a heinous crime and murder could not be justified.

The terrorist who beheaded the teacher was Abdullakh Anzorov. He was born in Russia and lived in France since he was six years old when his family sought asylum.

French police managed to shoot dead the 18-year-old terrorist. However, there were an additional nine people who were detained by the police for questioning.

On Twitter, the hashtags " Je suis prof " (I am teacher) and " Je suis Samuel " (I am Samuel) appeared to support the victim.

French President Emmanuel Macron condemned this incident and called it an Islamic terrorist attack.

"He is the victim of an Islamic terrorist attack," Macron told a news conference.

French anti-terros prosecutor Jean-Francois Ricard said the terrorists who killed teachers waited in front of the school on Friday (16/10). The terrorist also asked the students where he could meet Paty.

"A teacher killed because of his job, freedom of thought, freedom of expression, and the ability to teach these fundamental principles in our schools was also attacked," said Ricard.

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