Atta Halilintar Wants To Meet Krisdayanti, Aurel Hermansyah Reacts

Atta Halilintar Wants to Meet Krisdayanti, Aurel Hermansyah Reacts

Aurel Hermansyah. (Photo: Instagram @ aurelie.hermansyah)

Jakarta Atta Halilintar made a virtual commotion when giving Aurel Hermansyah a ring with a purple stone. This casual proposal is held on a boat in the middle of the waters after a solemn dinner.

No one knows about Atta Halilintar's surprise. Aurel Hermansyah was shocked and screamed a lot. Anang Hermansyah's family also did not know Atta Halilintar would be this serious.

After dinner and giving the ring last month, Atta Halilintar continued to surprise Aurel Hermansyah . One of them, made Aurel Hermansyah the first guest in his studio.

This moment was revealed in a video titled "Atta Wants to Meet Krisdayanti, Aurel Response" uploaded on the Atta Halilintar YouTube channel on Saturday (1/8/2020) yesterday.

This began when Atta Halilintar and Aurel Hermansyah reviewed the video for dinner and a ring on the ship. Apparently this action was flooded with responses and questions from citizens.

Some citizens asked when Atta Halilintar met with Aurel Hermansyah's biological mother? Reading this proposal Atta Halilintar flinched and was motivated.

"Invite Mimi KD, hello, what do you think?" asked Atta Halilintar. Hearing this, the singer of "Certainty" and "Difficult to Fall in Love" asked, "Oh, so ? How do you think about it , anyway? "

Atta Lightning continued, "If people say Mimi KD ama told to invite people here to see me, how then?" Aurel Hermansyah admitted that it was no problem if Atta Halilintar met his biological mother.

"Well baseball why- napa too, huh baseball how - how," said the artist born in Jakarta on July 10, 1998. This answer does not necessarily relieve Atta Lightning.

He repeated the question, "If you think, I will meet with Mimi KD, can I?" "Why not?" said Aurel. "Oh, can I?" Atta Halilintar ensures.

"You may," Aurel Hermansyah answered, succinctly. He told me that Krisdayanti knew this relationship. "Yes, you know," Aurel Hermansyah said when asked, "But does Mimi KD know about me?"

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