Aurel Hermansyah's Song Is Trending On Youtube, Ashanty Expresses Pride

Aurel Hermansyah's song is trending on YouTube, Ashanty expresses pride

[Fimela] Ashanty and Aurel

Jakarta - Aurel Hermansyah has just released a new single titled "Certainty". Aurel Hermansyah released the single on Friday (3/7/2020).

What is extraordinary is that Aurel Hermansyah's song has only been released for a day, but has been stuck in YouTube's second trending. At present, more than 2.9 million people have watched the Aurel Hermansyah's newest single.

This certainly becomes a pride not only for Aurel Hermansyah , but also his parents, Anang Hermansyah and Ashanty.

"always believe in u ... and now we are so proud of u kaka @ aurelie.hermansyah .. Not only because it survives in trending 2 or millions of views a day .., " Ashanty wrote on Instagram on Saturday (07/04/2020) ).

What makes Ashanty even more proud is the process behind the princess's success. Where he had to experience a lot of struggle to be like now.

" But it's more to our happiness with all of her hard work all this time, being constantly criticized because of childhood, I was never confident even though I had a good voice, every time I was told to sing anywhere she would sweat cold (even though at home or in the toilet the singing was good really), " continued Ashanty.

Furthermore, Ashanty then reminisced about the times when Aurel Hermansyah had seen her talent in singing since childhood. Unfortunately, Aurel Hermansyah is always constrained with confidence.

" Usually children from childhood are forced to want to sing even though sometimes there is no talent or coercion because of the wishes of their parents ... but this child from childhood already really looks like his talent is loly, but always doesn't believe in himself ... what else if his cheek is already critical of how to sing then, the more you drop it, sis, "he continued.

At present, all the struggles and processes that Aurel Hermansyah is undergoing are paid.

" But we are sure even though it might be a little late, but this is all set up by the power ... this should just be out of when, but yes, take it back again and again until he is confident, and finally the results will not betray his efforts and hard work. .., " Ashanty wrote again.

Finally, Ashanty expressed his gratitude to all those who have been assisting Aurel Hermansyah. Do not forget also to the fans who endlessly provide support.

"Thank you again for your hard work, Kaka @ aurelie.hermansyah, for all of us to be proud of ... Thank you for all those who have supported the aurel, which we cannot mention one by one. This is just the beginning of the journey, Kaka loly road is still long." a prayer for all fans who always support @ aurelie.hermansyah, "Ashanty closed.

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