Backflow Peak Predicted Until Midnight, Avoid The Southern Path In Bandung

Backflow Peak Predicted Until Midnight, Avoid the Southern Path in Bandung

Peak reverse flow at Cikampek Toll. (

Bandung - Kasatlantas Bandung Police, Commissioner Erik Bangun Prakasa, said, the peak of the Eid al-Adha 2020 reverse flow in the southern lane towards Bandung occurs until midnight, Sunday.

According to him, the density of currents in the southern direction towards Bandung has started to occur from 11.00 WIB. Especially vehicles from Tasikmalaya and Garut.

"The peak is in the afternoon until the evening, estimates until midnight," said Erik in Bandung, Sunday (2/8/2020).

He said the current density occurred at several points, namely in the Nagreg region, Rancaekek area of PT Kahatex, and the lane leading to the Cileunyi Toll Gate.

But he ensured, the density was not very meaningful because the traffic flow was still moving and only caused slowing of the vehicle.

"But for his own path that leads to the Toll Gate Cileunyi all is well, but because of the high frequency, deceleration," said Erik quoted by Antara.

After the peak of the reverse flow appears, he urges people to avoid the peak flow times . Because if the people leave together, the density will increase and cause congestion.

Therefore, he urged people to choose the right time to travel backflow to avoid the queue.

"Stay in compliance with the health protocol, then obey the direction of officers in the field, if you need help, please approach the security post that we established," he said.

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