Badminton: Putri Kw Wants To Follow In The Footsteps Of Carolina Marin

Badminton: Putri KW Wants to Follow in the Footsteps of Carolina Marin

Women's singles champion, Putri Kusuma Wardhani. Dock. PBSI PR

Women's singles champion, Putri Kusuma Wardhani. Dock. PBSI PR

, Jakarta - Indonesian women's singles champion, Putri Kusuma Wardhani , has ambitions and hopes to win an Olympic gold medal. The desire was inspired by the achievement of his idol Carolina Marin. The Spanish athlete won a gold medal at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

"I was inspired by his fighting power in the field. He has a good variety of punches and his agility is well trained, "said the athlete who is familiarly called Putri KW.

In addition to being a champion at the Olympics, Putri KW also hopes to match the achievements of Marin who has won three world championship titles. "I really want to achieve his achievements like him (Marin)," said a 17-year-old athlete.

After Susy Susanti, who won gold at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, there were no more Indonesian women's singles. The best achievement has only been achieved by Mia Audina who won a silver medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Likewise Maria Kristin was only able to offer a bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Putri KW is also predicted to have great potential to raise the achievements of Indonesian women's singles. Even though it is said so, PB Exist Jakarta fostered badminton player does not want to get a big head and make it a motivation to be even better.

Joining the PBSI Pelatnas since early 2019, Putri said she was happy to have the opportunity to train with senior players like Gregoria Mariska Tunjung.

"Certainly happy to enter Pelatnas. More or less in Pelatnas and in clubs just the same (routine), but the training is different, more severe. Then the environment is also a little different, because here many seniors are reluctant. But it was very nice to meet many seniors, so I could share and sparring opponents, "he said.

To be able to realize her dreams, Putri KW has been more active in training since breaking into the main team at the Pelatnas Cipayung. This Tangerang-born athlete has already begun to wake up around 05.30 if he has to practice in the morning. He also took breakfast 30 minutes before practicing so he could concentrate during training.

"Continue to practice before 7-10, usually," he said, explaining his training time.

After a break, he will again hone skills in the afternoon. "Afternoon training around 15:00 to 16:30," said Putri KW .


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