Bamsoet Calls Fadli Zon's Critical Attitude Making Parliament More Colorful

Bamsoet Calls Fadli Zon's Critical Attitude Making Parliament More Colorful

Bamsoet Calls Fadli Zon's Critical Attitude Making Parliament More Colorful

Jakarta MPR RI chairman Bambang Soesatyo views the existence of Fadli Zon's figure to keep the colors of the parliament alive. Especially after Fahri Hamzah 'retired', Fadli Zon became a member of the Indonesian Parliament who was at the forefront of criticizing various government policies and measures.

"Without Mas Fadli's presence, it feels like the parliament lacks color. Even though the Gerindra Party has joined the coalition to support President Joko Widodo's government, it doesn't mean that Mas Fadli has chosen to sit tight. He remains critical, vocal, and also controversial. Because of the essence of being a member. parliament is talking, not being silent, "said Bamsoet after the Ngobras to Ngompol Podcast (Fun Chat to Political Talk) with Fadli Zon, for Youtube content Bamsoet Channel, in Jakarta, Sunday (18/10/20).

The chairman of the 20th DPR RI said, regarding the Job Creation Law, Fadli Zon chose a different attitude from the Gerindra Party. Fadli Zon admitted that Prabowo, as the General Chair of the Gerindra Party, had never questioned the various differences in views or critical attitudes that had been carried out by him towards President Joko Widodo's government.

"Many people think Mas Fadli's critical attitude towards President Joko Widodo's government since the first period of his administration has made the two of them distant relations. In fact, they are not at all. Mas Fadli and President Joko Widodo have a very good relationship. Even on several occasions during events at the Palace. Country, I often see the two of them chatting while laughing. From the gesture and the way the two of them communicate, there is no small talk. This indicates their relationship is fine, "said Bamsoet.

The head of the FKPPI State Defense Agency said that Fadli Zon also emphasized that his critical attitude was not new. Since the Gerindra Party was founded in 2008, Fadli Zon has always criticized the running of President SBY's government, both in the 2004-2009 period and in the 2009-2014 government period.

"Criticizing the government is a citizen's right guaranteed by the constitution. Through criticism, checks and balances, the government can be maintained. Especially if criticism is accompanied by data and facts. Criticism is a vitamin for democracy. Most importantly, it does not make friendship or sibling national relations. lost, "concluded Bamsoet.

What was the excitement of the Bamsoet chat with Fadli Zon? What is the story of Fadli pursuing the draft of the Job Creation Bill, even though the Chair of the Baleg is a partymate? You can watch it in full on the Ngobras Podcast to Ngompol on the Bamsoet Channel youtube account.


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