Belarusian Police Fire Stun Grenades At A Crowd Demanding The President's Resignation

Belarusian police fire stun grenades at a crowd demanding the president's resignation

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Belarusian police used stun grenades against tens of thousands of protesters. The protesters are said to have demanded that President Alexander Lukashenko resign

Reported by Reuters on Monday (26/20/2020), the protesters consisted of the Belarusian opposition movement. The police action took place hours before the end of an ultimatum set by the opposition.

Where to ask Lukashenko must resign at midnight, or face a national strike. According to videos shared online by leading news organizations, explosions and white smoke filled residential areas as people hid behind vehicles.

"Dozens of people were detained and security forces used tear gas in the western city of Lida," said Russian news agency RIA.

A former manager of Soviet collective farms, Lukashenko has ruled Belarus for more than a quarter of a century and has shown little inclination to retreat, supported by loans and offers of military support from traditional Russian allies.

The president's main opponents have been jailed or fled into exile after the August 9 elections, which Lukashenko's opponents have accused of rigging to win a sixth consecutive term. He denies election fraud.

Earlier on Sunday, crowds filled the capital chanting "on strike", waving flags and beating drums at the end of the 11th consecutive week of mass protests since disputed elections left the country in chaos.

Twelve metro stations were closed, riot police helmets patrolling the streets. This has also caused mobile internet service to be disrupted in Minsk.

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