Bogor Journalist Geram, Head Of Cibungbulang Sub-District, Accuses Press People Of Asking For Money

Bogor Journalist Geram, Head of Cibungbulang Sub-District, Accuses Press People of Asking for Money

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Camera Illustration (

, Bogor -Sejumlah members of the press who are members of the Journalists Bogor Barat (JBB) made furious by the District Head Cibungbulang Nurzaman Yudi, who accused the journalist was about to ask for the money to him by reason of the interview. Namely, when journalists wanted to confirm the mediation between the sub-district and the Cibatok Satu Youth and Citizens Forum.

"We came to ask the head of the sub-district for information regarding residents' demands for transparency in the program budget audit, but instead he made offensive words that infuriated journalists," said Cepi Kurniawan, a member of JBB in Bogor, Wednesday, October 21, 2020. Though the issue is very interesting , because there were demands for the transfer of the Camat from the demonstrators and residents that needed to be confirmed to Yudi by the media.

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However, the response of Camat Yudi as a public official is even to insult the journalist profession. And it makes journalists get emotional, because they feel that no one is asking for money. "Even when providing clarification, the sub-district head did not want to answer the details of the accusation of asking for money," said Cepi.

It was confirmed that the Head of Cibungbulang Sub-District, Yudi Nurjaman, admitted that he had apologized to journalists who were offended by the words deemed to have insulted the journalist's profession, during mediation in an official forum with the demonstrators together with Muspika and Head of Cibatok Satu Village.

"I apologize to all members of the press regarding my statement which offended the journalists who were covering the demonstration at the Cibungbulang sub-district office. I blurted out and jokingly said words that offended the profession of press personnel," said Yudi giving a statement after the journalists went berserk. 'in his office.

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