Born July 1, Get A Sim Free Up To Doorprize During Bhayangkara Anniversary

Born July 1, Get a SIM Free up to Doorprize during Bhayangkara Anniversary

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Jakarta - SIM free up to the door prize of mobile phones and bicycles was given to residents born on July 1. A special gift at the 74th birthday of Bhayangkara.

A total of 4,308 residents born on July 1 will take part in the free Driving License ( SIM ) program on Wednesday July 1 2020. This free SIM policy is contained in the Secret Telegram Letter (TR) of the National Police Chief General Idham Azis numbered ST / 1671 / VI / YAN.1.1 ./2020 dated June 12, 2020, signed by the National Police Chief of Police Inspector General Istiono.

In the telegram it was mentioned that SIM issuance services at Satpas in every region throughout Indonesia were asked to provide special services in the framework of the 74th Bhayangkara Day. In making a free SIM, people will not be charged for making a SIM or Non-Tax State Revenue (PNBP).

"The free service for making SIMs is only for residents born on July 1 or coincides with Bhayangkara Day," said National Police Public Relations Division Head Inspector General of Police Raden Prabowo Argo Yuwono when confirmed, Tuesday 30 June 2020.

Director of Registration and Identification (Dirregident) of Korlantas Polri Brigadier General Yusuf Yusuf said, the free SIM service is only for SIM A and SIM C. The requirements are to bring original e-KTP and photocopies, pass medical tests, pass theoretical and practical tests, and bring original SIMs for extension process.

"Until now the number of citizens who have registered for the free SIM program is 4,308 people throughout Indonesia," Yusuf said.

All security guards in the police station are preparing to carry out the program. As did the Kobar Police Station, Central Kalimantan. The Kobar Regional Police Traffic Unit prepares an attractive door prize in the form of two mobile units for free SIM registrants.

"For people who have registered and participated in the Free SIM service program and have fulfilled the requirements, we will give door prizes in the form of mobile phones, for lucky registrants," Kasatlantas Police Kobar AKP Marsono said.

Pandeglang Regional Police, Banten also prepared an interesting prize draw in the form of a bicycle. If you are not lucky, SIM applicants who have registered get interesting souvenirs.

"They immediately took the lottery paper at the place we provided, so after making a new SIM they immediately took the paper earlier. If they are unlucky, they still get souvenirs," said Kaseglantas of Pandeglang Police Iptu Riska Tri Arditia.

Kasatlantas Kobar Regional Police AKP Marsono hopes that the free SIM service and door prizes will attract more interest from the public so that they are always orderly in traffic on the highway.

"The orderly traffic starts by completing correspondence with vehicles and users," he said.

(Author: Moch Harunsyah)

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