Capital For The Eradication Of Covid-19 Virus Taken From The National Budget To The Regional Budget

Capital for the Eradication of Covid-19 Virus Taken from the National Budget to the Regional Budget

https: content 2020 03 23 20 2187727 capital-eradication-virus-covid-19-taken-from-apbn-to-apbd-qihFfVapZR.jpg APBN (Ministry of Finance website)

JAKARTA - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) decided the state budget and regional budget were used to support the Task Force handling Covid-19. This is to suppress the spread of Corona or covid-19 viruses.

This was stated in Presidential Decree (Keppres) No. 9 of 2020 concerning Amendment to Presidential Decree No. 7 of 2020 concerning the Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling Covid-19.

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Quoting Setkab, Jakarta, Monday (3/23/2020), according to this Decree, Funding needed for Covid-19 Task Force activities is borne by the state budget, regional budget, and other legal and binding sources in accordance with statutory regulations.

The intended APBN includes, ministries / agencies' budgets, including refocusing activities and reallocation of K / L budgets. Also, the government expenditure reserve budget.

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Meanwhile, for the regional budget, includes regional own-source revenue (PAD) and budget revisions, unexpected expenditures, and utilization of regional cash funds. The use of regional cash funds consists of central government transfer funds and transfer funds between regions.


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