Coal Transportation In Tanjung Enim Baru Increases To 20 Train Series Per Day

Coal Transportation in Tanjung Enim Baru Increases to 20 Train Series per Day

Indonesian Coal Exports Decline

Jakarta - PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) or KAI has stated that the daily transportation service of Tanjung Enim Baru-Tarahan coal transportation has experienced an average increase in the number of trains to 19-20 series of coal trains in the July 2020 period.

"The same effort was also carried out at the Tarahan Station. The daily transportation service of the Tanjung Enim Baru-Tarahan coal transportation began to experience an increase in the average number of trains, which transported goods which at the beginning of the pandemic only 16 circuits now serve 19-20 coal trains each the day is from June to July 2020, "said, Expert Staff of the Minister of Logistics, Multimodal and Transportation Safety as well as Commissioner of PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) Cris Kuntadi, in his statement, Sunday (2/8/2020).

The PTBA Coal Train transport relationship in Tanjung Enim Baru-Tarahan has decreased the transport volume by about 20 percent from Quarter I to Quarter II 2020. In Quarter I coal trains carried 5.3 million tons of coal while Quarter II fell to 3.9 million tons.

Cris hopes for the same thing at Tarahan. Empty carriages that do not load cargo that passes from Tarahan to Palembang should be able to contain cargo.

"In the future, we hope that cargo transportation can be maximized because a maximum of 19-20 transports of trains carrying 59-60 train cars pass every day. So around 1200 cars loaded with 52 tons have not been utilized. If this is utilized, the added value generated will be greatly extraordinary, "he explained.

In order to increase train transportation that transports coal in Tarahan to the maximum extent possible, trains must carry out maintenance at Tarahan Depo and Rejosari Balai Asahan, South Lampung, Lampung.

On the same occasion, Deputy EVP KAI Divre IV Tanjungkarang Teguh Imam Santoso, hoped that increased volumes of coal and other cargo such as cement and fuel would occur in the third quarter of Tarahan.

Trains that carry coal to Tarahan receive maximum and scheduled maintenance. Train maintenance is carried out with a trainset system.

"So maintenance is carried out in a series of trains even though only one damaged train. This is to facilitate maintenance," Teguh said.

This maintenance must be carried out so that coal and other cargo services by train to and from Tarahan are maximized.

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