Current Conditions 5 Areas Most Affected By The Pangandaran Earthquake

Current Conditions 5 Areas Most Affected by the Pangandaran Earthquake


Bandung - An earthquake of 5.9 M centered 90 kilometers southwest of Pangandaran Regency on Sunday (25/10/2020) rocked parts of West Java and Central Java. The Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of West Java Province has recorded the impact of the damage.

According to information from the BPBD West Java Disaster Management Operations Control Center (Pusdalops PB), the locations affected by the earthquake were in five areas.

The five regions, namely Pangandaran Regency, cover four districts and four villages. Then followed by Ciamis Regency (six sub-districts, seven villages), Tasikmalaya Regency (four sub-districts, four villages), Garut Regency (one sub-district, one village), and Tasikmalaya City.

In Pangandaran, reports of damage included five houses with minor damage. In Ciamis Regency, 13 houses were moderately and lightly damaged. Meanwhile, in Tasikmalaya Regency, the earthquake resulted in minor damage to seven housing units.

Then, in Garut Regency, it was reported that one house unit was severely damaged. As well as in Tasikmalaya City, two housing units were slightly damaged and one housing unit was moderately damaged by the Pangandaran earthquake .

The latest data was Sunday, until 16.00 WIB, the earthquake did not cause any casualties. However, three people suffered minor injuries.

"A total of three people were lightly injured, two people in Ciamis Regency and one person in the City of Tasikmalaya," said West Java BPBD Pusdalops Manager Budi Budiman Wahyu.

Budi said, West Java BPBD is still coordinating and monitoring the current conditions of all affected districts / cities. In addition, district / city BPBDs are still conducting assessments to the locations of incidents while advising residents to always be vigilant and alert because the current location is also raining.

As for the current condition, the BPBD is still collecting data and waiting for reports from several districts. Meanwhile, the injured victims of the earthquake have been rushed to the nearest clinic.

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