Denmark Open 2020 Final: Nozomi Okuhara Defeats Carolina Marin In Two Games

Denmark Open 2020 Final: Nozomi Okuhara Defeats Carolina Marin in Two Games



, Jakarta - The third seeded women's singles from Spain Carolina Marin must acknowledge the greatness of Japanese player Nozomi Okuhara in the final match of the Denmark Open 2020, Sunday, October 18, 2020. Playing two games that lasted 56 minutes, Marin was forced to bend her knees against the second seed after losing 19-21, 17-21.

Marin and Okuhara's competition had been tight since the first game. The two players followed each other excitedly throughout the match. Okuhara led the scoring several times, but Marin was able to catch up and balance the position. At 18-18, Okuhara managed to secure the final two points.

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The fierce battle continued in the second game where the two badminton players both played aggressively. Okuhara excelled, but Marin didn't want to give up the Danish Open 2020 title for granted.

Marin continues to put up a tough fight against Okuhara. Unfortunately, the player from Sakura Country seems to be able to read the opponent's playing patterns. Marin's ball was easily returned by Okuhara.

Nearing the end of the second game, with one powerful and directed shot, Okuhara closed the night's match with a score of 21-17 victory. This result certainly adds to Okuhara's winning record against Marin. Of the 15 previous meetings, Marin has won 8 times.

The two badminton players last met in the second round of the Indonesia Masters 2020. At that time, Marin beat Okuhara in two straight games with a score of 21-13, 21-15.

After the match, Marin admitted that his playing was inconsistent. “I think the main reason is the mistakes I made. It's frustrating. I know during the game that I give him all the points. I try to stay calm but today is not my day. I can't go back. When you make a lot of mistakes yourself, it's hard to come back, "he said.

Nozomi Okuhara , who lost in last year's Denmark Open final to Tai Tzu Ying, is delighted to have won the title this year. "I am happy. Compared to other opponents, Marin was faster and had a harder attack. I focused on defense and footwork, and my legs moved very well today. Overall the match went well for me," he said.

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