Dewi Perssik Wants To Divorce, Angga Wijaya Please Ampun Ask For The Second Chance

Dewi Perssik Wants To Divorce, Angga Wijaya Please Ampun Ask For The Second Chance

Angga Wijaya explained the main problem with his wife, Dewi Perssik . The reason, Dewi Perssik had expressed an intention to divorce.

He said he did not tell Dewi Perssik about the finances she had.

"Goddess happened to be entrusted with my finances so I know her finances. And I personally, my finances don't know. So I don't have money. If I want to be allowed to check. But I don't really open with that problem," said Angga Wijaya on the YouTube ESGE ENTERTAINMENT account uploaded on Monday (6/29/2020).

Angga Wijaya feels that he doesn't have as much money as Dewi Perssik. So he kept the money for himself.

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"Maybe I was thinking selfishly at that time. I thought the money was not much. At first I wanted to use it for my own needs. But well, I came back again, I was wrong. So in the end I didn't have the money," he continued.

Dewi Perssik [ Ariska]
Dewi Perssik [ Ariska]

Even so, Angga Wijaya claimed his actions were wrong. Therefore, he promised to be more transparent to his wife about money.

"I was wrong yesterday, so I don't want it anymore. For all of this, so I try to improve, especially in terms of sensitive, I will be more transparent. In the future I will be like that," said Angga Wijaya firmly.

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He also asked the second chance for the singer of Sweet Dreams. Angga Wijaya also wants his past mistakes to be forgiven.

"Because it is not convenient, I will not cover it up anymore. I'm open with you. So I beg for your pleasure to give him another chance," he said.

As is known, Dewi Perssik complained that she was never supported by Angga Wijaya on her personal YouTube account recently. He felt that he had only worked hard to be able to meet the needs of the family.

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