Dki Pemprov Assesses Rules For Agustusan Competition, Is Climbing Pinang Prohibited?

DKI Pemprov Assesses Rules for Agustusan Competition, Is Climbing Pinang Prohibited?

Various Expressions of Climbing Pinang Participants During the 74th Anniversary of RI

Jakarta - Head of Jakarta Satpol PP Arifin stated that his party is still reviewing the August 17 competition which is allowed to be held in order to enliven RI's 75th Anniversary.

"We will examine what types of competitions are allowed, maybe before the 17th, we will issue a policy," said Head of Satpol PP DKI Jakarta Arifin, quoted from Antara, Jakarta, Saturday (8/8/2020).

Arifin said, if there is a policy that eliminates competitions that are commonly carried out in the community, it is solely in the context of providing protection and breaking the chain of spreading Covid-19.

"But we will see what kind of activity. From a health aspect, it is not dangerous, it will not cause infection, so it is fine. So it may or may not depend on the type of activity," he said.

Arifin said competitions with high intensity contact between people, such as climbing areca, would probably not be allowed.

"Panjat pinang is a bit difficult, yes, it is difficult for us to put on masks, people who climb in groups also touch each other. So, I suggest that there are no activities related to areca climbing," said Arifin.

If there are those who are stubborn about carrying out the pinang climbing activity, Arifin added that there is still time to wake up and change your mind so as not to carry out activities that have the potential for infection.

"Yes, once again we say, there is still time to educate, there is still time to remind people that activities or activities of residents that have the potential for transmission should be eliminated," he said.

DKI Jakarta will play the Indonesia Raya song in various regions as a substitute for the Indonesian independence ceremony on August 17, 2020 in order to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia.

Regional Secretary of DKI Jakarta Province Saefullah said that at that time, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government required all Jakarta residents to stand tall and stop activities for a moment on August 17, 2020, from 10.17 to 10.20 WIB, during the announcement of the song Indonesia Raya which will be held simultaneously at various locations.

"This year's Indonesian Independence Day is very different from previous years. Because it took place in the midst of a pandemic, we directed all citizens to stand tall for three minutes at 10:17 a.m. to 10:20 a.m. WIB and stop their activities for a moment when the song Indonesia Raya was announced," said Saefullah. in his statement in Jakarta, Thursday (6/8/2020).

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