East Java Task Force: 79 Percent Of Covid-19 Patients At Dr Soetomo Regional Hospital That Are Residents Of Surabaya

East Java Task Force: 79 Percent of COVID-19 Patients at Dr Soetomo Regional Hospital That are Residents of Surabaya

(Photo: Liputan6.com/Dian Kurniawan)

Surabaya - Chairman of the East Java Covid-19 Curative Handling Task Force, dr. Joni Wahyuhadi asserted, the number of Covid-19 patients treated at the Regional General Hospital (RSUD) Dr. Soetomo Surabaya reached 1,097 patients.

Of these, as many as 865 patients or 79 percent are residents of Surabaya . While the rest, 232 patients or 21 percent came from outside the City of Heroes, such as from several regions in East Java, Central Java, West Java to Maluku.

"Of the East Java people, the most are from Surabaya. Ie from 1,097 865 people or 79 percent are Surabaya. Non-Surabaya is 21 percent," said Dr. Joni Wahyuhadi, written Tuesday (6/30/2020).

Joni said, the utility of isolation room for patients in Covid-19 at RSUD Dr Soetomo had prepared 232 beds or beds. This number has filled 232 patients.

"This distribution is in the ICU, there is in the HCU, and there is in the low care unit. We hope there is no second wave or second wave ," said Director of RSUD Dr Soetomo Surabaya .

Regarding the availability of personal protective equipment (PPE) in RSUD Dr Soetomo Surabaya itself, the stock is safe. Surgical masks reached 156 thousand.

"The policy is that we don't want to store in too many warehouses. Because if stored in too many warehouses, it can be risky. The risk is lost, burned. "specifically.

Joni said, RSUD dr. Soetomo also received many donations. All donations can be received according to the rules.

"We recorded all the donations and asked the KPK to upload them. We uploaded them with the estimated price," he said.

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