Easy Ways To Clean Car Glass Fungus Use Soda And Tobacco Drinks

Easy Ways to Clean Car Glass Fungus Use Soda and Tobacco Drinks

This Is How To Eradicate Mushrooms On Car Windshield

Jakarta - For vehicle owners will be very upset if there is fungus in the windshield. In addition to damaging the appearance of a favorite four-wheel, it can also interfere with visibility when driving.

Launching the official page of Mobil88 , the fungus attached to the windshield can be easily cleaned. Only by using soda and tobacco drinks.

Here, how to clean the fungus with these two ingredients:


The steps are to prepare two clean cloths and a bottle of pure soda. The first cloth is useful as a dry cloth, while the second is for soda.

After that, use a cloth that has been poured with soda to clean the windshield of the car. Perform the cleaning process slowly and repeat again until the windshield is completely clean of mold.

First, immerse the shot in cold water for 15 minutes. This water does not need boiled water, which is important to be clean and not mixed with detergent or other ingredients.

Before doing the cleaning process with tobacco, clean the windshield with clean water first.

Next, flush the windshield with tobacco soaking water and rub with soft foam until the fungus disappears. Repeat the same process if needed.

After the fungus attached to the glass is removed, make sure the glass cleanliness condition is maintained by cleaning it regularly using a cloth.

This is because the glass is one aspect of determining safety, because it is closely related to the visibility of the driver when driving.

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