Even Though They Are Considered 'New', Rini-Santoso Is Confident About The Blitar Pilbup List

Even though they are considered 'new', Rini-Santoso is confident about the Blitar Pilbup List

Rini-Rahmad when registering with the KPU (Photo: Erliana Riady)

PKB bravely installed a 'new person' in the Blitar Pilbup contest against the incumbent. They will use the incumbent's weaknesses as a strategy to win this regional head election.

The head of the PKB DPC, Abdul Munib, was seen accompanying Bapaslon Rini Syarifah-Rahmad Santoso to register. They were seen with several supporting political party officials, namely from PAN and PKS. Bapaslon Rini-Santoso is an impromptu figure promoted by this green party. However, Munib confidently stated that this new profile was a powerful bullet against Rijanto-Marhaenis.

"If the old candidate is well-known, fighting the new candidate who is not well known, it will be a problem. But if the old candidate is mediocre against the new candidate, it will attract attention. We will do many ways to increase electability," said Munib to detikcom, Saturday (5/8/2020).

According to Munib, apart from that point, this coalition of 17 Islamic political parties will look for the weaknesses of the opponents that have been felt by the people of Blitar Regency during the leadership of the incumbent. During the five years of the incumbent's leadership, Munib saw no significant progress made by the incumbent.

Previously, there was widespread news that the PKB recommendation would go to the PKB DPC Chairman Abdul Munib. PKS even canceled the record that was originally given to Munib-Nico, in injury time it was given to Rini-Santoso .

"In us, anything can happen. Political dynamics in PKB are very energetic. Moreover, there are many young cadres who have the potential to lead Blitar Regency. So, as party chairman, I am ready to become the head of the winning team," he concluded.

Previously, on the first day of registration for the Blitar Pilbup, the Bapaslon Rijanto-Marhaenis had already come to the KPU of Blitar Regency. This incumbent candidate pair carried the fat coalition. Namely PDIP, Gerindra, PPP, Democrat, Nasdem and Golkar. This coalition with a total of 33 votes. While the champion promoted by the PKB coalition only transported 17. Consisting of PKB with 9 votes, PAN with 7 votes and PKS only one vote.

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