Families Of Patients In Cengkareng Hospital, Concerned About Covid-19 Status

Families of Patients in Cengkareng Hospital, Concerned about Covid-19 Status

Regional General Hospital (RSUD) Cengkareng. TEMPO / Dimas Aryo

Regional General Hospital (RSUD) Cengkareng. TEMPO / Dimas Aryo

, Jakarta - The Regional General Hospital or RSUD Cengkareng was raided by a mob from the families of suspected Covid-19 patients on Wednesday, October 21, 2020.

The emotional crowd did not accept that a patient named Muhammad, 52, was treated in the Covid-19 isolation room. The crowd also demanded that the patient be discharged from the hospital.

The police then mediated between the two parties. "We mediate with the hospital and the patient's family to reach an agreement," said Cengkareng Police Chief Commissioner Fery Hutagaol in Jakarta, Wednesday, October 21, 2020.

Fery asked the people who came to be calm and not act anarchist. After the mediation, Fery said the family finally brought the patient home based on a statement letter agreed by both parties.

One of the patient's family representatives, Rozak, said the patient, who was his brother, had to be treated at Cengkareng Hospital. Even though according to Rozak, his brother was Covid-19 inactive and is still waiting for the results of the swab test to come out.

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