Feeling A Longing Longing, Pss Wing Defender Returns To Sleman Faster

Feeling a Longing Longing, PSS Wing Defender Returns to Sleman Faster

Derry Rachman Noor

Sleman - Sleman PSS fullback , Derry Rachman Noor, welcomed the PSSI's decision to continue the League 1 2020 competition in October. This became a moment that he missed very much, after more than three months there was no match activity.

Even so longing to be able to get back together with his colleagues in the Elang Jawa team, Derry Rachman has been in Sleman since Saturday (6/27/2020). He was already in the mes of the PSS Sleman player, after a long time in his hometown, Bontang Kuala, East Kalimantan.

The player who operates in the left sector of the defense admitted on his own initiative to come to Sleman faster. Derry is still waiting for information and direction from the club management nicknamed the Javanese Eagle.

"I have been in Sleman since three days ago. The consideration is because I already miss Sleman," explained Derry Rachman to Bola.com , Tuesday (6/30/2020) afternoon.

"In terms of management, I don't know when the players will be reassembled for sure. Maybe they are still waiting for an official letter from PSSI regarding the launch of the competition. After that, it may only be given direction to the players," said the PSS Sleman player.

For three days at the Sleman PSS mes machine, Derry Rachman did not forget to keep practicing. He is still training independently, despite meeting a number of players who are still in Sleman. Including three foreign players, Yevhen Bokhasvili, Guilherme Batata, and Zah Rahan.

"It's still mandatory to maintain fitness even though for a while I am still training myself," he said.

Previously, PSSI, through its general chairman Mochamad Iriawan, had issued a decree on the continuation of the Shopee Liga 1 2020 competition in early October.

For Derry Rachman, PSSI's decision to continue the competition was called as good news and had been waiting for a long time. After all the players must be seen from football activities over the last three months due to the Corona virus pandemic.

"Alhamdulillah and I am very happy that the League has finally been rolled out again. This has been awaited by all elements of Indonesian football, especially players," explained Derry Rachman.

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