Five Habits In New Normal Period, There Are Gardening And Cooking

Five Habits in New Normal Period, There Are Gardening and Cooking

Cooking illustration. Briscoe

Cooking illustration. Briscoe

, Jakarta - With the adoption of the new normal order, Indonesian people must again adjust their lifestyle and daily routines to health protocols during the recommended pandemic.

One lifestyle that changes is daily habits at home. Before the pandemic, this practice was rarely pursued because people spent a lot of time at work. Now, a time when lots of free time at home, comes the habit of cooking, exercise at home, to gardening.

Here are five new habits in the new normal era based on consumer purchase data on Lazada, according to a press statement Saturday, July 4, 2020.

1. Gardening

At the beginning of the period of large-scale social restrictions or PSBB, one obstacle was access to fresh food. So many began to get around by creating their own limited land garden ( urban farming ) at home and eventually became one of the hobbies most sought after by the community. Spices, vegetables, and fruit are some of the plants that are sought after to meet food needs while decorating the house.

Various gardening methods such as hydroponic systems, vertical gardens, planting in pots allow us to carry out gardening activities in any land, such as home yards, fences, house walls, even in a home space. In the midst of an appeal to stay at home, you can still enjoy the beauty of nature with gardening.

2. Home decoration

In addition to gardening, you can also beautify your home by decorating or rearranging furniture or even repainting walls with new colors. According to data from Lazada, the category 'Outdoor & Garden' increased by 38%. In new normal times, some may remain at home.

Many consumers take the opportunity to get a new atmosphere at home at a more affordable price and make the home more comfortable, both for studying, working and for chatting with family.

3. Cooking

One of the behavioral changes that occur is that people start returning to home cooking. All tips, tricks, cooking recipes are ready through access on a smartphone . The data can be seen from an increase in several categories such as 'Large Appliances' increased 22 percent, 'Small Appliances' increased 46 percent, and 'Kitchen and Dining' increased 28 percent. This data shows that more and more consumers are choosing to cook at home.

4. Sports at home

Staying at home during PSBB does not mean forgetting body fitness. Maintaining physical health is one of the highest priorities during the pandemic.

Many consumers have started to build a private gym at home so they can continue to exercise optimally. Sports equipment such as barbells, resistance bands, yoga mat are some of the popular equipment and are sought after and bought in the sports equipment category.

5. Gaming

The absence of mall activities and hangouts in the coffee shop has made many consumers turn to gaming as the main entertainment to dispel boredom. In fact, not a few who may begin to see gaming as a hobby and may become a profession in the future. WHO supports playing games to maintain mental condition and ward off boredom during activities during the pandemic.

In addition to these 5 hobbies, there is an increase in sales of electronic goods to support consumer activities such as online meetings , virtual schooling and video conferencing that can be done at home.

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