Fkui Is Ready To Support The Efficacy Test Of Eucalyptus Necklace To Face Corona

FKUI Is Ready to Support the Efficacy Test of Eucalyptus Necklace to Face Corona

Corona antivirus necklace. shopee

Corona antivirus necklace. shopee

, Jakarta - The Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia ( FKUI ) is ready to support research and clinical trials to find out the efficacy of Eucalyptus products , including eucalyptus oil and Eucalyptus necklaces , in dealing with diseases caused by virus attacks, such as Corona.

"FKUI with the Indonesia Medical Education Research Institute (IMERI) is actively conducting medical research for Covid-19, and is ready to work with a large veterinary research center to conduct animal testing and clinical trials with this eucalyptus oil product, "said the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (FKUI) Ari Fahrial Syam in his written statement, Sunday, July 5, 2020.

According to Ari, the antiviral effect of eucalyptus oil and other Eucalyptus -based product variants still needs to be further investigated, as well as its efficacy in warding off Covid-19.

He said research on the efficacy of products made from Eucalyptus to overcome Covid-19 is currently only done at the cellular level, at the in vitro stage, not specifically tested on SARS-CoV-2, the corona virus that causes Covid-19.

"At present the hopes of the public, the media and the government are so great in handling the Covid-19 virus, so that new research at the cellular level is directly claimed as an antiviral drug," he said.

He hopes that all parties should not be skeptical of the results of in vitro studies that eucalyptus oil has a positive effect on the Covid-19 virus, but also should not be excessive in assuming the results of in vitro research are directly claimed to be Covid-19 antivirals. "It still takes a long research journey to be able to claim as an antivirus," Ari said.

He stated that product variants made from Eucalyptus could not yet be claimed as an antiviral drug.

"So I do not agree if the eucalyptus oil necklace is called an antivirus necklace. Suffice it to be called the eucalyptus necklace," Ari said.

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