Gresik Petrochemical Helps Gorontalo Become National Food Granary

Gresik Petrochemical Helps Gorontalo Become National Food Granary

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Jakarta - Petrokimia Gresik continues to encourage increased agricultural output at the national food center in Gorontalo. This step is to improve food security amid the new Corona virus pandemic (Covid-19).

Director of Petrochemical Gresik Rahmad Pribadi said, horticultural products from Gorontalo Regency have great potential and play an active role in maintaining national food self-sufficiency.

For this reason, agricultural production activities during this pandemic must be encouraged, given that the community is in dire need of a healthy food stock as a basic need to increase body immunity in an effort to combat the spread of Covid-19.

"Food is a basic need, the strategy of preventing the spread of Covid-19 prepared by the government will only be effective if basic food for the people is available," Rahmad said, in Jakarta, Sunday (05/07/2020).

Gresik Petrochemical Agroindustry Solution is by holding a harvest of horticultural crops in Tolotio Village, Tibawa District, Gorontalo Province with twice the productivity.

The productivity of corn in the harvest has increased two times. Where for one hectare demonstration plot (demonstration plot) produces 10.1 tons of shelled corn, while the habits of local farmers only produce 5 tons per hectare. This demonstration plot was not only carried out in Tolotio Village, but also Dutulanaa Village and Molowahu Village.

Besides corn, this collaboration was also realized in a tomato and chili demonstration plot in Tenilo Village with a significant increase in productivity, namely 43.2 tons of tomatoes and 12 tons of chili.

This tomato harvest increased 80 percent or rose 19.2 tons from the previous 24 tons. While the chili yield increased 50 percent, up 4 tons from the previous productivity of 8 tons per hectare.

Rahmad explained that in this demonstration plot the fertilizer used was non-subsidized fertilizer, with the composition suggested by PT Petrokimia Gresik. One of the fertilizers used is Phonska Plus, NPK's flagship Petrochemical Gresik product.

The balanced pattern of fertilizer recommendations for Petrokimia Gresik in this demonstration plot, for corn plants using organic fertilizer Petroganik (500 kg / ha), NPK Phonska Plus (300 kg / ha) and Urea (300 kg / ha). As for tomatoes and chili each use Petroganik (2,000 kg / ha), NPK Phonska Plus (800 kg / ha), and ZA (200 kg / ha).

This harvest is a continuation of the training given by Petrochemical Gresik to farmers of corn, chili and tomatoes. This activity is also one of the stages of cooperation between Gorontalo legislators Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Rachmat Gobel with Petrokimia Gresik to accelerate the development of Gorontalo, as an eastern national food barn in order to maintain food security amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Rahmad ensured that Petrokimia Gresik will continue this collaboration at several other points. He hopes that the pattern of fertilizer application of Petrokimia Gresik can be duplicated by other farmers in Gorontalo. In addition, Gresik Petrochemical products are expected to be an option to increase agricultural productivity.

"This is Petrokima Gresik's real effort as an Agro-Industry Solution, by presenting quality products to increase agricultural productivity while maintaining agricultural sustainability," he concluded.

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