Hasto Mentioned The Process Of Substitution Of Paw Legislators In The Dpr To Follow Ma Decree

Hasto Mentioned the Process of Substitution of PAW Legislators in the DPR to Follow MA Decree

Hasto Kristiyanto
Hasto Kristiyanto (Ari Saputra / detikcom)

PDIP Secretary-General Hasto Kristiyanto explained in detail the process of electing DPR members for intertemporal changes. According to Hasto, the process of determining the replacement of Nazaruddin Kiemas in the DPR had been arranged in a PDIP plenary meeting and followed the decision of the Supreme Court.

Hasto said, in June 2019, PDIP held a plenary meeting chaired by the plenary meeting Hasto. The plenary meeting discussed about the vote acquisition of Nazaruddin Kiemas in the South Sumatra electoral district I. In the plenary meeting it was also decided that Nazaruddin's vote would be handed over to other candidates with the same electoral district.

"Then the party's DPP has a study and decided that the highest vote acquisition from Mr. Nazaruddin Kiemas who could indeed be the right to be given to other candidates in the same electoral district," Hasto said while testifying at the Saeful Bahri hearing via teleconference on Thursday (04/16/2020) .

Hasto explained that at that time the PDI-P decision collided with KPU regulations. Therefore, Hasto said that the PDI-P filed a judicial review to the Supreme Court on the grounds that the PDI-P could decide for himself who the Nazaruddin replacement candidate was.

"However, in the study, we saw the difference between the KPU regulations in the 2009 Election with 2019, according to the DPP plenary meeting decided that the party DPP will conduct a judicial review to the Supreme Court on PKPU No. 3 of 2019, so we hope there is a legality decision from the party as it happens "in the case of Mr. Ginting, that the party has full authority in transferring the votes of elected candidates who are unable to remain, but can get the highest gain," he explained.

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