Having Complained Of Shortness Of Breath, The Crew From Gorontalo Died In Bitung Port

Having Complained of Shortness of Breath, the crew from Gorontalo died in Bitung Port


Manado - Complaining of back pain and shortness of breath, a crew from Gorontalo fell on the dock at the Bitung Fishery Port, North Sulawesi.

Harson K Mohamad (60), ABK KM Tuna Super, a resident of East Biluhu, Batudaa Pantai, Gorontalo Province died from falling into the sea, Thursday (06/08/2020), at around 02.00 WITA.

Fellow victim Sopian Yunus (31) said, Wednesday night at around 19.00 WITA, he went to the captain's house with Harson. On the way back to the ship, Harson complained of pain in the waist.

After arriving at the port, Sopian contacted another partner, Mission Dumbela to pick up and load Harson on board. However, he did not board the ship, but sat on the edge of the dock with the Mission. Sopian then got on the boat to rest.

One of the other witnesses, Roni Najoan (49), explained that at around 02.00 Wita he was on the KM Maranata 02 with two of his friends. Then, heard an object splash into the sea. After tracing it, it turned out that Harson was involved. Roni then contacted the local port security officer.

The security guards together with a number of crew members then evacuated the victim onto KM Maranata 02. While on the boat the victim's condition had weakened. They then took the victim to Bitung Hospital, his life could not be saved.

Kapolsek Aertembaga AKP May Diana Sitepu revealed, based on witness testimony, previously victims often complained of back pain and shortness of breath.

"We have already conducted the TKP, collected witness statements, and contacted the families of the victims," said the police chief.

He said the victim's body was not autopsy, only an external examination as requested by the family guardian in Bitung. "The family who was in Bitung accepted the incident and was willing to make a statement letter rejecting the autopsy," said Sitepu.

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