Health Office Collaborates With 70 Shaman To Treat Sick People In Sikka

Health Office Collaborates with 70 Shaman to Treat Sick People in Sikka

Traditional Medicine

Sikka - The Health Office of Sikka Regency brought in 70 traditional healers who were representatives from 25 P Suksesmas in Maumere, Sikka Regency, NTT, Friday (7/8/2020).

These shamans were asked to give their thoughts related to their experiences in healing patients using treatments from various trees or plants. The Sikka Health Office wants the dukun to be able to concoct quality traditional medicines in the context of treating patients. The dukun's input was then scientifically reviewed by the Sikka Health Office.

The head of the Sikka Health Office, Petrus Herlemus, said that many plants that thrive have many benefits in treating sick people. Even since ancient times, plants that grow in nature and forests are often used as traditional medicine.

"All shamans in Sikka were invited to discuss what types of plants they used to make traditional medicinal herbs when treating their patients," he told reporters, Friday (7/8/2020).

According to him, the health law regulates and protects traditional healers. These dukuns will be directed up to the level of producing traditional medicines in a more modern direction, so that these drugs can be accepted in the public market.

"So that the potentials that have not been explored, such as what types of plants are efficacious, can be used as medicine. The content of these plants, later we will be investigated further. We have shamans who usually treat their patients using only plants," he explained.

In addition, the traditional healer will be instructed on how to clean the sanitation, how to harvest plants and how to manage the plants by meeting health requirements.

"The plants they use, we will examine their contents with science. Next, we together with them produce more modern medicines," he said.

He said the big idea of the Governor of NTT, Viktor Bungtilu Laiskodat, to make NTT Province produce its own medicine through plants that thrive in the Sikka region needs to be supported.

"The assumption is that we have great potential, if Indonesia has just produced quinine drugs, where the production site for quinine drugs is in Bandung," he said.

Meanwhile, Lutvina Lio, a bone fracture shaman from Nita Kloang, Nita District, Sikka Regency, said that with her hereditary herbs she had been able to heal hundreds of people who had fractures.

"I have healed almost all types of fracture patients with severe and minor fractures with leaf ingredients," he said.

Since 1989, he admitted that he has started treating fracture patients with traditional ingredients, and nearly thousands of people have recovered and can walk normally again.

"The method of treatment is with leaves mixed with onions, kaliraga (jeringau or jeringo) and boiled until cooked and then evaporated into a broken bone and then affixed with a few leaves that have properties to heal broken bones," he said.

He suggested, after receiving traditional ingredients, it must be balanced with medicine from a doctor to heal the wound in the body.

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