Here's The Preparation Of Airlangga University To Hold Utbk-Sbmptn

Here's the Preparation of Airlangga University to Hold UTBK-SBMPTN

Unair Campus

Jakarta - The Computer-Based Writing Examination Committee ( UTBK ) Airlangga University (Airlangga University) stated that preparations for the implementation of the Computer-Based Writing Test Joint Entrance to State Universities (UTBK-SBMPTN) went well.

Chairperson of the Airlangga University (UNAIR) UTBK Committee, Prof. Junaedi said the preparation consisted of preparing the examination facilities and personal preparation.

For the preparation of examination facilities ranging from PC facilities and rooms that are compatible with the national system and meets the COVID-19 protocol which includes the application of social and physical distancing, body temperature checks, hand washing facilities, the use of markers and other personal protective equipment as well as the preparation of hand sanitizers and disposables hand glow.

"Even the parking lot, bathroom, and personal flow in and out are also well prepared," said Junaedi when contacted by via text message, written Tuesday (6/30/2020).

For personal preparation, he said, it had also been done both on the committee and supervisors involved in UTBK. Junaedi said, the committee and supervisor were provided with UTBK supervision provisions and health protocols.

Airlangga University also requested the assistance of the COVID-19 Task Force of Airlangga University and the Surabaya City Government's COVID-19 Task Force in the framework of the UTBK -SBMPTN. This is to ensure the implementation of activities by implementing health protocols.

"Each of our sessions involves about 130 officers both in charge of location, head of room, supervisor, IT, room and health protocol officer," he said.

In addition to using facilities at Airlangga University on campuses A, B and C, the Unair UTBK Center also uses facilities at partner universities including Muhammadiya University in Surabaya, 17 August University in Surabaya and STIESIA Surabaya.

Junaedi also shared a general appeal to the examinees, among others encouraged to register UTBK at the nearest UTBK center of the city of residence. Examinees are also encouraged to prepare themselves in their homes while isolating themselves from the H-14 exam schedule.

"When you must stay before or when UTBK is advised to use lodging that has implemented the COVID-19 health protocol," he said.

Provisions for participants include being healthy, arriving on time according to schedule, complying with health protocols such as using a mask, with a face shield would be better, washing hands with soap and running water, gloves if needed.

"The committee provides disposable polyvinyl handglow, carrying hand sanitizer," he said.

Furthermore, obeying distance, social distancing at the time of the queue and in the crowd, carrying test cards and diplomas or certified copies of diplomas, or other certificates in accordance with the UTBK guidelines that have been submitted to prospective participants.

"At this time what is required of them is the print of the test card because there are some changes to the exam schedule. The exam schedule also changed, which was originally the first session starting at 07.00 shifted to 09.00 "he said.

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