High School Green Eco-Business Ideas, From Orange Peel Shoe Cleaner To Egg Shell Watercolor

High school green eco-business ideas, from orange peel shoe cleaner to egg shell watercolor

ISCC 2020 Jakarta

Jakarta - The achievement of high school students can not only be measured based on their academic abilities, but also the creativity and innovation they produce. Through the Indonesia Student Company of the Year Competition (ISCC) 2020, more than 900 high school / vocational high school students in 11 regions of the country are competing to create business ideas that carry an environmentally friendly and sustainable concept.

Prestasi Junior Indonesia (PJI) and various other business partners held ISCC 2020 again from January to September 2020. This program, which is also supported by the government, has succeeded in creating 44 new businesses managed by high school students with a total turnover of IDR 272 million during this virtual competition.

"Indonesia's entrepreneurial environment is moving in an increasingly positive direction. This must be maintained and improved, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. By increasing entrepreneurial competence through student empowerment, we believe that MSMEs in the country will grow and be taken into account," said the Chairman. of the National Board Prestasi Junior Indonesia, Siddharta Moersjid, in a release received by Liputan6.com some time ago.

"This initiative is in line and synergized with the government's steps. Thus, Indonesian youth entrepreneurship continues to develop, not only for current students, but also for future generations," added Juandanilsyah, Coordinator for Student Participants - Directorate of Senior High School, Ministry of Education and Culture.

The ISCC 2020 committee then selected the nine best teams in terms of young entrepreneurial innovation. Later, one of the selected teams will represent Indonesia at the Asia Pacific level business championship in 2021. Then, what are the selected environmental friendly product innovations? Here's the review.

This product is the work of SMKN 20 Jakarta students, which is a natural-based shoe cleaning fluid. The main ingredients are orange peel and starfruit extract which are known to be effective in cleaning stubborn blemishes.

2. Sticle

Not much different from the previous product, this product by SMAN 1 Tuban students is also an instant stain remover made from fermented pineapple peels, but is used specifically for stains on clothes. This product is available in two packages, namely roll on and spray .

3. Canbri

Canbri or Candle Brico is an environmentally friendly aromatherapy candle product made from unused oil with a variety of aroma variants. This product is an idea of SMA Muhammadiyah Cileugsi, Bogor.

4. PlayIt!

Still with an environmentally friendly concept, this Karangturi Semarang high school student presents an educational game made from recycled paper and wood waste. There are three types of games, namely DESC !, Fill In !, and DESC! A mobile that can be played by utilizing a smart device application, which all games aim to increase the player's social interaction.

5. Ecozyme

Ecozyme is a disinfectant made from organic waste enzymes, without chemicals. This innovation of SMK Kartini Batam students can be used as a sanitizer , air purifier , and cleaning fluid to minimize the spread of the virus.

This student of SMAN 2 Denpasar turned out to be present with a product innovation that was no less interesting. This product is a multifunctional neck pillow, which can be used as a string bag and also a bagpack . The basic material also takes advantage of environmentally friendly recycling of plastic waste and rags.

7. Loka Color Pallete

Environmentally friendly and unique, this watercolor made from eggshell powder, industrial wood waste, with other natural materials is an innovation of students of SMAN 16 Surabaya. In their production, they succeeded in reducing 43.6 kilograms of industrial wood waste and 550 egg shells.

8. Simplastic, Complastic, P-Pouch

Also supporting the non-cash lifestyle, this student of SMAN 71 Jakarta presents a card holder product that fully utilizes disposable plastic bag waste. They also present three types of card holders that are tailored to the needs of their users.

9. Lōkat

Turning to fashion items, this student of SMAN 11 Bandung presented a bucket hat , a hat made of burlap, linen, and environmentally friendly cotton. Every time you purchase a product, customers will also receive a souvenir of a succulent pot that is hoped to be cared for and cared for like this. (Brigitta Valencia Bellion)

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