Highest Covid-19 Death Rate In Icu, Luhut: Hospital Management Needs Improvement

Highest Covid-19 Death Rate in ICU, Luhut: Hospital Management Needs Improvement

https: img.okezone.com content 2020 09 18 337 2280257 Highest-Covid-19-Death-Rate-in-ICU-Luhut-Management-RS-Needs-Improvement-lKPlSGnp0x.jpg Deputy Chairman of the Covid-19 Control Committee and National Economic Control Luhut Binsar Panjaitan (Photo: Okezone)

JAKARTA - The Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut B. Pandjaitan as well as Deputy Chair of the Covid-19 Control Committee and National Economic Control, said the highest death rate for Covid-19 was in the ICU. So, he emphasized that hospital management needs to be improved.

"Then we found that there was a need to improve hospital management, especially in terms of directly dealing with Covid-19 management, ICU management, human resources, drugs and equipment and therapy methods," Luhut said in a virtual press conference related to Covid-19 handling at 8. Province, Friday (18/9/2020).

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Luhut said the Ministry of Health was also preparing a collaboration with hospitals to improve treatment at the ICU. "Tonight we have a video call with the Ministry of Health and because they are preparing a collaboration with existing hospitals how to handle the ICU. Because the highest death rate is in the ICU, "he said.

So, said Luhut, it is hoped that with the experience of handling Covid-19 for 6 months, the Covid-19 death rate can be reduced. "Well, if we improve this with our experience during the past six months with the medicines that have been arranged properly, then we will control the mortality rate. Later RSPAD will collaborate with many hospitals, "he explained.

"Well, if we have agreed tonight and tomorrow, Monday will be a briefing of all the hospitals in 8 provinces in the first phase to prepare it. So that management handling for the ICU and also where training on human resources and checking the drugs that the ICU must have can be completed. So, this is to be understood, "added Luhut.

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