History Of Seizing The Throne At The Kasepuhan Palace In Cirebon

History of Seizing the Throne at the Kasepuhan Palace in Cirebon

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CIREBON - The inauguration of Rahardjo Djali as Polmak or temporary official (Acting) of the Sultan of the Kasepuhan Palace of Cirebon, West Java has generated a polemic. Because, the crown prince of the Kasepuhan Cirebon PRA Palace was deemed invalid by Luqman Zulkaedin.

He assessed that Rahardjo Djali's inauguration as Polmak Sultan of the Kasepuhan Keraton Cirebon had injured the palace tradition that had been running for hundreds of years. In the tradition of the Sultanate, when the late Sultan Arief, the 14th Sultan of the Kasepuhan Keraton, said it, the Crown Prince was automatically obliged to replace and continue his duties and responsibilities as the next Sultan of the Kasepuhan Keraton Cirebon.

Meanwhile, Rahardjo claims that his inauguration as Polmak aims to fill the vacancy of the Sultan of the Kasepuhan Keraton Cirebon, after the death of the late Sultan Arief.

He accused Luqman's appointment of violating the palace rules and customs. In fact, he said that neither the late Sultan Arief nor the PRA Crown Prince Luqman Zulkaedin had a valid lineage from Sultan Sepuh XI Radja Jamaludin Aluda Tajul Arifin, the 11th Sultan Kasepuhan Cirebon.

As a result of these problems, the relationship between the two is getting worse. They remain steadfast in their respective positions.

Cirebon historian and philologist expert, Raffan S Hasyim, is of the opinion that if Rahardjo's inauguration as Polmak Sultan of the Kasepuhan Palace of Cirebon remains valid. This is because he has a direct lineage from the 11th Sultan of the Kasepuhan Keraton Cirebon.

The appointment of Polmak, he continued, in the history of the palace, there have been several times. He considered that Rahardjo was only a polmak, not the next Sultan of the Kasepuhan Keraton Cirebon.

"He that I see has a lineage from a woman. From the male he is the descendant of Kiyai Djali, to Kiyai Pegambiran, then his lineage up, I don't really memorize it, then Prince Sindang Garuda continues to Sunan Gunung Jati. This is Polmak not the Sultan, "said the man who was called Opan, to Okezone , Friday (7/8/2020).

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Opan explained, if both parties keep accusing each other of violating the tradition of the palace, then in fact the tradition of the palace has diverted far after the death of the 5th Sultan of the Kasepuhan Cirebon Palace. Namely, Sultan Sepuh V Sjaifudin Matangaji.

"Not in accordance with tradition since Sultan Sepuh V. Was killed, shot here. They invited to negotiate, didn't know he was shot. Executed in the back with his own keris. Executed by Ki Muda, not a descendant. Ki Muda from Talaga, Matangaji's uncle from the maternal line, "said Opan.

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