How The Sidoarjo Kpu Prevents The Spread Of Covid-19 During Voting

How the Sidoarjo KPU Prevents the Spread of COVID-19 during Voting

Illustration - Simultaneous Pilkada ballot box. (Special / / Muhamad Ridlo)

Jakarta - The General Election Commission (KPU) of Sidoarjo Regency, East Java is also trying to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the implementation of regional head elections (pilkada).

One of them is setting up a special booth at the polling station (TPS) for voters who have a body temperature above 37.3 degrees Celsius as an effort to anticipate the spread of COVID-19 .

Head of Sidoarjo Regency KPU, M. Iskak, said that voters who have a body temperature above 37.3 degrees Celsius will not be mixed with other voters.

He said, before entering the polling place, prospective voters would have their body temperature checked. If the voter has a temperature above 37.3 degrees Celsius, a special booth will be provided during the voting process.

Iskak said this during the socialization of KPU Regulation Number 10 of 2020 concerning Amendments to PKPU No. 6/2020 concerning the Implementation of the Election for the Governor / Deputy Governor, the Regent / Deputy Regent and the Mayor / Deputy Mayor Simultaneously Follow Up in the Non- Natural COVID-19 Disaster Conditions at the local KPU office.

That effort, said Iskak, was part of preventing the spread of COVID-19 during the regional head elections in Sidoarjo Regency.

"In accordance with the electoral stages of regional head elections, we also provide personal protective equipment to officers, then provide a place to wash hands, and maintain a seat distance for voters. In essence, we still prioritize health protocols in this election," he said, as quoted by Antara. , Friday, (18/9/2020).

Three pairs of local heads participated in the election, namely Bambang Haryo Sukartono-Taufiqulbar, Kelana Aprilianto-Dwi Astutik, and Ahmad Muhdlor Ali-Subandi.

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