Ike Muti Apologizes About Viral Posts, This Is The Reaction Of The Dki Jakarta Provincial Government

Ike Muti Apologizes about Viral Posts, This is the Reaction of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government

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Jakarta - The Provincial Government (Pemprov) of DKI Jakarta has received an apology from artist Ike Muti . This was conveyed by the Head of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government Legal Bureau, Yayan Yuhanah on Sunday (2/8/2020).

Previously, dated July 31, Yayan gave a subpoena to Ike Muti to clarify his upload which was considered defaming the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government.

The summons letter was even sent to the Governor of DKI Jakarta and Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta. In the summons, Ike was asked to explain the short film project he mentioned, as well as who was responsible for it and who told him to delete Jokowi's photo. Ike was also asked to delete his posts.

On this Sunday morning, Ike had conveyed his apology through his Instagram account @ ikemuti16. He has also deleted and clarified his upload which caused quite a stir.

Yayan as the head of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government Legal Bureau said he had read the clarification made by Ike. The correction has been uploaded by Ike Muti as of August 2 or coincides with the specified summons deadline.

"After the acknowledgment and correction from Ike Muti, as well as the direction from the Governor of DKI Jakarta, we consider the matter relating to the upload has been completed," Yayan said from his written statement received by Merdeka.com, Sunday (2/8).

Yayan hopes that in the future there will be no more distortion of facts and noise over non-substantive problems like this. He was also quite appreciative of Ike for his corrections and apologies. I hope this does not happen again.

"The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government through the Legal Bureau gives appreciation for the correction and apologies from Ike Muti. I hope that this factual distortion will not be repeated,"

He asked the community and also Ike Muti to make this case as a lesson. According to him, now it is very important to always be wise in using social media. Must use common sense and also be critical. He also asked the public to always verify before spreading information. This is so that there is no misleading news in the community.

"This incident should be a lesson for all. The importance of having accuracy, objectivity and verification before disseminating information," concluded Yayan.

On Sunday (2/8), Ike stressed that he had no intention of communicating lies. Especially to defame the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government. This he said through his Instagram account.

"Along with this, I submit that there is absolutely no intention of me telling a lie let alone to the detriment of the good name of the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta," Ike Muti wrote on his instagram @ ikemuti16 (2/8).

Ike also admitted that his post caused a stir. He also apologized to the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government. In fact, he had deleted the photo with President Jokowi which caused the uproar.

"It is clear that the information was actually not sourced from me. However, I apologize to all parties and especially the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta for my posting that has caused a stir," he added.

Reporter: Rifa Yusya Adilah

Source: Merdeka.com

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