Indian Plane Split In Two At Calicut Airport, 16 People Killed

Indian plane split in two at Calicut Airport, 16 people killed

One of the persons injured after an Air India Express flight skidded off a runway while landing at the Kozhikode airport is brought for treatment to the Medical College Hospital in Kozhikode, Kerala state, India, Friday, Aug. 7, 2020. (AP Photo)
Indian plane crash (Photo: AP)

The Air India Express aircraft skidded and split in half while landing on the runway at Calicut Airport. At least, it is currently known that 16 people were killed and 15 seriously injured.

Reporting from AFP on Saturday (8/8/2020), of the total who died at this time two of them are pilots, according to Kozhikode official Seeram Sambasiva.

Senior local police officer Abdul Karim told AFP that 15 other passengers were critically injured.

"We have at least 89 people, many of them with serious injuries, being treated at a different Kozhikode hospital. Ambulances are still coming in," said Sujith Das, another senior police official.

"We have been told that all of the survivors of the accident also had some injuries," he continued.

The airline carries 191 passengers. With details of 174 passengers, 10 babies, two pilots and five cabin crew on the plane.

According to the aviation ministry, the plane crashed 10 meters (35 feet) down a slope from the end of the so-called table runway.

Television footage showed the jet's fuselage split open and surrounded by emergency personnel spraying the fuselage with water even though there were no signs of fire.

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