Inggrid Rhemanty Producer Of The Film Noura The Dark Side

Inggrid Rhemanty Producer of the film Noura The Dark Side

Ingrid Rhemanty

Jakarta Pesinetron and actress Inggrid Rhemanty are back in acting after a long absence . However, this time he was behind the scenes by becoming the executive producer of a film called Noura The Dark Side.

As seen on her Instagram account, Inggrid Rhemanty uploaded a poster for the film Noura The Dark Side.

The poster, which is dominated by red and black, also features a bloody knife.

"Don't just stalk, ask" aje ,,, if you're curious, don't be proud to follow @ noura.thedarkside @nouraost, "wrote Inggrid Rhemanty on her Instagram account.

The woman who likes horse riding doesn't want to tell you much about her new film. He wants to make Indonesian film lovers curious.

In this film, collaborating with several top artists for the film project Noura The Dark Side. They include, Ingrid Widjanarko, Tabah Discovery, Meirayni and Andi Annisa.

The players in the film Noura The Dark Side have appeared compact. This can be seen when they seem to celebrate togetherness over the film project.

"The combination of genetics, environment, and structure and chemical compounds in the brain that change can play a role in the occurrence of psychiatric disorders #nourathemovie #filmindonesia #aktorindonesia," wrote Rhemanty.

Rhemanty, who started his career in FTV, once said that he would not stop working, let alone produce films. In addition to having capital, Rhemanty is confident in his profession as an executive producer.

This film seems to be a horror thriller genre and will soon appear on the big screen. Previously, in addition to taking part in the role, Rhemanty also produced the film Little Angel, which aired on October 8, 2015.

Dwi Sasono and Tika Bravani and Mudji Massaid also played the Little Angel film, which was produced by Atlantis Pictures.

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