Joining Blackmail 63 Principals In Inhu, 5 'Naughty' Prosecutors Threatened Fired

Joining Blackmail 63 Principals in Inhu, 5 'Naughty' Prosecutors Threatened Fired


Pekanbaru - The Riau High Prosecutor's Office for Supervision has completed an inspection of 63 school principals (previously written 64) in Indragiri Hulu District. Five individual prosecutors there were proposed for severe disciplinary action.

Riau Intelligence Assistant Assistant Raharjo Budi Kisnanto explained, a number of parties had been clarified regarding the blackmailing of the school principal, starting from the Head of the Kejari Indragiri Hulu to security.

Furthermore, several school principals and district education offices. Including one NGO which is a reporter in this case.

"As a result there are indications of violations of laws and regulations, we propose to the leadership of the Attorney General's Office for severe disciplinary action," Raharjo said, Monday evening, August 3, 2020.

Now, continued Raharjo, Riau Attorney General is waiting for a decision from the Attorney General's Office. Raharjo did not know when the decision of the Attorney General's Office had come down.

"We only propose it, which will determine what the Attorney General will be," Raharjo said.

Based on PP 53 of 2010, there are several sanctions for prosecutors or prosecutors' "naughty" prosecutors. Ranging from moderate, mild, and severe with different penalties.

For severe disciplinary punishment, Raharjo said that individual prosecutors could be dismissed from their status as civil servants and could also be removed from the position of prosecutors to become ordinary employees.

"That weight can be dismissed disrespectfully from civil servants," Raharjo said.

For information, the principal's blackmail case emerged after 63 teachers resigned from their junior high school positions. Some of them later reported to the Riau Prosecutors Office because they claimed to have been asked for money by prosecutors.

This money request was allegedly in exchange for the management of BOS funds in schools not being investigated by law enforcement. Raharjo met with the school some time ago.

To the teacher, Kejati Riau promised to provide training in the management and accountability of BOS funds in accordance with applicable regulations. Thus in the future, teachers need not be afraid anymore related to the management of BOS funds.

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