Kim Kardashian Cherry Red Hair, The Process Takes Up To 2 Hours

Kim Kardashian Cherry Red Hair, the process takes up to 2 hours

Kim Kardashian shows her red hair.

Kim Kardashian shows her red hair.

, Jakarta - When Kim Kardashian West showed dramatically different bright red hair colors on Monday, June 29, 2020, many fans quickly assumed that she was wearing a wig. But the star's hairdresser, Chris Appleton, made sure to straighten it so that the whole world knew that the red hue was the true hair color.

"Red hair - NOT a wig before you start with it," Appleton wrote jokingly on Instagram along with photos of Kardashian West's new appearance.

Kim Kardashian said her favorite hair color was red because she had worn a red wig before. According to Appleton, Kim Kardashian was afraid to change her appearance after keeping her hair color the same color during social distancing in the last few months. "Kim is a trendsetter and is not afraid to do something new. We have done blondes and pinks before and unexpected reds. I like that about Kim," Appleton said as quoted by the People page.

Kim Kardashian and Chriss Appleton were inspired by the fiery red wig worn by Kanyen West's wife in 2019 for the KKW "Sooo Fire" promo promo promo. "We felt the red vibrations. I worked with Kim's skin color to make the red that suited him and that is why I left the roots darker," Appleton explained.

He also deliberately keeps the roots dark to maintain healthy hair. "We left the normal hair root color to maintain the growth of the scalp and hair and then brighten a little from about an inch towards the end. Then after the hair is lightened, we overcome it with this vibrant red," he said, calling the final color of Kim's hair "a cherry red color. "

Chriss Appleton added that Kim Kardashian's hair coloring process took a long time. "But Kim treats her hair so well that it can face challenges," he added that it took about two hours from the start to finish to dye her hair.

Initially, it seemed like returning to the color of blonde hair was Kim Kardashian West's plan, so he could see Appleton again when the social distancing rules were relaxed. "My hair will be very healthy after this quarantine," he wrote on Instagram along with a photo of his platinum blonde hair throwback in March. "Thinking about coloring is blonde when we can interact again with humans."

But a few weeks later, it looks like Kim Kardashian West is starting to reconsider the color she wants - and she might even hint at the color of her fiery hair in the future. When Appleton posted a series of photos of the star's hair color that asked which one was everyone's favorite, Kardashian West said the crimson color was her choice.

"Slide in & tell me what's your favorite Kim K hair color. My choice," Appleton said. Kardashian West answered, "Red."

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