Know The Bpkb Issuance Requirements For Imported Cars

Know the BPKB Issuance Requirements for Imported Cars

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Jakarta - Having imported vehicles not sold in Indonesia can be a matter of pride. However, to get the pride yourself is not easy.

In addition to high prices, administration for imported cars or Completely Built Up (CBU) cars is also quite complicated.

That is why, some people buy it through general importers if the car does not have a special dealer network or there is no Brand Holder Agent (APM). That way, the buyer no longer needs to take care of a fairly complicated administration.

Even so, it could not hurt to understand what must be prepared to take care of the issuance of the Vehicle Ownership Book (BPKB) for imported vehicles or CBU. The following requirements were reported from the National Police Traffic Corps page:

1. Fill out the application form

2. Attach proof of identity

3. Invoice for BPKB

4. Customs notification documents in the context of importing goods (PIB)

5. A certificate of import from Ranmor which is authorized by the authorized Customs and Excise official, for:

a. Ranmor imports without delay or exemption from import duties or S forms

b. Ranmor import with the suspension or exemption of import duty or form B

c. The form that applies to the free trade area is based on the Minister of Finance Regulation.

6. Type test certificate and Ranmor Type Test Registration Certificate (SRUT)

7. Type registration certificate for import purposes, from the Ministry of Industry

8. VIN Certificate and / or Certify NIK from Trademark Holder Agent (APM)

9. Recondition certificate from the company that has a legal recondition permit specifically for non-new imported Ranmor and attaching an import permit from the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Trade

10. Operating permit for public transportation and / or route permit from the authorized agency

11. Letters of research results of the validity of the Ranmor importing certificate issued by the Regional Police Traffic Director, or the Head of the Police Traffic Corps for Ranmor entering through the DKI Jakarta customs area

12. Ranmor physical check results.


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