Korlantas Strive For Safe And Smooth Eid-Backflow

Korlantas Strive for Safe and Smooth Eid-Backflow


Jakarta - The head of the National Police Traffic Corps, Inspector General Istiono, urged the travelers to celebrate Eid al-Adha in their hometown early. This is to anticipate the occurrence of congestion on the way backflow to Jakarta on Sunday (2/8/2020).

This anticipation is necessary because it is predicted that Sunday will be the peak of the reverse flow towards Jakarta and its surroundings, which has the potential to cause congestion.

"We are concerned that the travelers could not adjust to the conditions in the field, the congestion can not be avoided. Therefore, leave behind the earlier the better. And the ride will be more comfortable," said Inspector General Istiono through a press release received here on Saturday night, (1/8/2020) as reported by Antara .

It also appealed to people who travel back and forth can arrange travel and adjust the time to avoid traffic flow congestion.

In addition, because it is still in the Covid-19 pandemic, people are required to comply with health protocols and protect the body's immunity.

"Use a mask, keep your distance and always wash your hands must be done," said Istiono.

The number of vehicles crossing the Cipali Toll on Idul Adha 2020 increased compared to the same period last year.

The increase is estimated at 40 percent. However, in general the flow of traffic is smooth and controlled. Vehicle queues at toll booths are also normal.

He said, the Korlantas is ready to anticipate the surge of backflow that is expected to occur on Sunday, August 2, 2020. "God willing, we are with relevant stakeholders ready to anticipate the reverse flow," said Istiono.

For this reason, from Saturday (1/8/2020) to Monday 3 August 2020 at 08.00 West Indonesia Time, three-axis goods vehicles going up from Central Java to Jakarta are prohibited from passing the toll lane. They are diverted through arterial or national roads.

The diversion starts from the border of East Java, Central Java, and the exit of the Central Java Toll Road. Therefore, it is certain that at the exit of Kanci Toll Road there will be no large vehicles passing the toll lane.

In the reverse flow, the number of vehicles is predicted to reach around 160 thousand homecomers returning to Jakarta through the Cikampek Utama toll gate and 140 thousand via the Main Kalihurip so that the vehicle flow will meet and accumulate at the KM 66 point.

"Therefore, it needs to be prepared in advance to implement contra flow from km 65 to km 47 in the direction of Jakarta," he added.

Istiono also asked the Director General of Central Java, West Java and Metro Jaya along with the Department of Transportation to anticipate the application of the transfer of goods vehicles and prepare adequate personnel for traffic engineering, both contra flow and one way situational from KM 65 to Halim Toll Gate in Tol Inner Toll The city of Jakarta matches the dynamics in the field.

Inspector General of Police Istiono emphasized that the rest area is requested to be closed when it is full using the open-close system every 2 hours.

In addition, patrols need to be carried out continuously so that no vehicles stop on the shoulder of the toll road.

"For this reason, it is expected that full preparedness of the ranks to anticipate this backflow," said the former Babel Police Chief.

Istiono appealed to the travelers if they feel tired to immediately rest in the rest area.

"Don't force yourself to keep going. Safety is the main thing," he ordered.

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