Legal Snare For The Father Who Killed Two Children Due To Difficulties With The Cost Of Living

Legal snare for the father who killed two children due to difficulties with the cost of living

Father Kills biological child

Adonara - Andreas Pati Friday (25), a resident of Balaweling Niten village, Witihama District, Adonara, East Flores Regency, had the heart to kill two of his biological children, YBO (3) and ABD (2), Tuesday (4/8/2020 ).

Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Flotim Police, Iptu I Wayan Pasek Sujana, said that the father of the murderer of his 2 biological children had been named a suspect and charged with multiple articles.

"The threat of punishment is the death penalty or life or twenty years in prison," said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the East Flores Police, Iptu I Wayan Pasek Sujana, told reporters, Friday (8/8/2020).

According to him, the threat of punishment was imposed on the suspect because the action was classified as premeditated murder . The suspect is subject to article 80 paragraph 3 and 4 of Law Number 35 of 2014 concerning Amendments to Law Number 23 of 2002 concerning Child Protection, a subsidiary of Article 340 of the Criminal Code with the threat of a sentence of 15 years in prison.

However, Article 340 of the Criminal Code states that anyone who deliberately plans to lose a person's life is liable for a death sentence or life sentence or a maximum of twenty years.

"We are wearing layered articles," he said.

The results of the examination revealed that the suspect killed his two children because he could not afford to support his two children. In addition, the perpetrators also experienced stress after being left by his wife to migrate abroad.

"Economic motives and necessities of life are the reasons the suspect killed his two children," he said.

This heinous act was first discovered by the perpetrator's biological mother, Yuliana Ose Doni (52) and the perpetrator's younger brother, Hendrikus Boli Ola (20). At that time, Yuliana had just returned from the garden and was suspicious that the door and window of the perpetrator's house were closed. Yuliana then peeked through the hole in the window and was surprised to see the perpetrator killing his two children.

Yuliana then called her other son, Hendrikus, and asked for help from neighbors. Because of panic, the perpetrators who were like possessed people, opened the door and chased after his mother and sister. But both of them managed to escape from the pursuit of the perpetrators. The perpetrator then escaped by climbing a coconut tree.

"Perpetrators use a knife that has been prepared," he said.

Andreas was arrested by police after 12 hours hiding in a coconut tree. The security forces were overwhelmed, because the perpetrators refused to come down from the tree. There was no other way, the security forces assisted by local residents were forced to cut trees to secure the perpetrators.

The police have examined a number of witnesses and secured evidence such as the victim's clothes and the knife the suspect used to kill his two children. Currently, the perpetrator is in the Flotim Police detention cell to account for his actions.

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